Complications From Paragard IUD Removals Eligible For Significant Compensation

If you or someone you love has suffered complications from the removal of a Paragard IUD (Contraception Device) , you may be entitled to significant compensation. Contact us for a Free Case Review today. 

What Is The Paragard IUD? 

Paragard is a type of intrauterine device (IUD) used as a form of long-acting reversible contraception. It is a T-shaped plastic frame wrapped in copper wire that is inserted into the uterus by a healthcare provider. The copper on the device creates an inflammatory reaction in the uterus, which is toxic to sperm, preventing fertilization. Paragard is known for its hormone-free contraceptive option, offering up to 10 years of protection against pregnancy. It is a popular choice for individuals seeking non-hormonal birth control methods. 

Do I Have A Case ?

If you or someone you love has suffered complications from a Paragard IUD, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact us for a Free Case Review today.

Do I Have A Case ?

Infections: Some experience infections due to Paragard IUD complications, requiring medical treatment. 

Device breakage during removal: Paragard IUD may break when removed, posing harm to patients. 

Fracturing: Reports indicate Paragard IUD fracturing in place, causing pieces to potentially perforate organs.

Scarring: Paragard IUD breakage can lead to internal or external scarring, with long-term health or cosmetic consequences. 

Surgical intervention requirement: Complications like breakage, perforation, or infection may necessitate surgical intervention for resolution. 

Complications From Paragard IUDs 

Paragard IUDs have been linked to serious complications, including:

Compensatory and punitive damages sought in Paragard IUD lawsuits may include: 

Medical bills 

Future medical expenses 

Loss of quality of life 

Permanent disability 

Pain and suffering 

Emotional damages 

If you or someone you love has suffered complications from a Paragard IUD, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact us for a Free Case Review today. 

Lost wages or earning capabilities 

Compensation Available To Victims

Do I Have A Case ?

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Do I Have A Case?

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The Paragard IUD lawsuit involves allegations that the device can break during removal, leading to serious injuries for patients. Plaintiffs claim complications such as device fracturing, perforation, infections, and scarring. They argue that manufacturers failed to adequately warn about these risks, seeking compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages. 

The lawsuits highlight concerns regarding the safety and potential side effects associated with the Paragard IUD. If you or someone you love has suffered complications from a Paragard IUD, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact us for a Free Case Review today.

What Is The Paragard IUD Lawsuit 

Do I Have A Case ?